Callebaut Chocolate at Chocolate Trading Company

30 April 2013

Callebaut chocolate, from Belgium, is officially the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer and by far the most popular chocolate brand for many chocolatiers & the food service as a whole. Barry Callebaut chocolate is known for its consistency and easy workability from tempering to enrobing, dipping and moulding, to name just a few uses. Callebaut are world renowned leaders in technical innovations for chocolate products and provide high quality chocolate, made from only 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla, at cost effective prices. Callebaut chocolate has increased in quality whilst remaining competitively priced in recent years and so as suppliers of high quality couverture chocolate in the UK we now include Callebaut chocolate in our collection.

Callebaut white chocolate blossoms (curls)

Callebaut white chocolate blossoms (curls) Created for wide use in cake decoration and desserts, from cupcakes sprinkles to celebration cakes and ice cream toppings.

Our Price £7.46more info

Callebaut strawberry chocolate blossoms (curls)

Callebaut strawberry chocolate blossoms (curls) Created for wide use in cake decoration and desserts, from cupcakes sprinkles to celebration cakes and ice cream toppings.

Our Price £10.18more info

Chocolate minicups

Chocolate minicups Chocolate cups (15 per box) created for use as petits fours.

Our Price £4.25more info

Callebaut white chocolate pencils (200mm)

Callebaut white chocolate pencils (200mm) These white chocolate pencils (110 pencils per box) are created for decorating cakes, in particular wedding cakes. Use around the sides of celebration cakes and wedding cakes or as high quality chocolate decorations for topping cupcakes and desserts.

Our Price £12.75more info

Callebaut chocolate filigree decorations

 Callebaut chocolate filigree decorations Made by Callebaut from high quality Belgian dark chocolate. A box of 58 pieces in four decorative designs; tulip, heart and two leaf shapes.

Our Price £3.95more info

Callebaut cocoa butter callets 3kg

Callebaut cocoa butter callets 3kg Pure cocoa butter from Callebaut in practical callets for easy melting. This practical, re-sealable bucket of cocoa butter is suitable for wide use in many applications of chocolate work.

Our Price £29.95more info

Callebaut Origine, Ecuador dark chocolate chips

Callebaut Origine, Ecuador dark chocolate chips Single origin, 70% dark chocolate chips (callets) from Callebaut created with cocoa exclusively grown in Ecuador from the Nacional cocoa bean (Forastero type). This mild dark chocolate couverture offers subtle notes of red fruits, banana and liquorice with touches of spice.

Our Price £18.45more info

Callebaut honey chocolate chips (callets)

 Callebaut honey chocolate chips (callets) Honey flavoured chocolate chips (callets) of Belgian high quality chocolate from Callebaut, flavoured with real honey. Created for easy melting and a wide range of use from moulding & enrobing to melting and decoration.

Our Price £18.13more info

Callebaut white chocolate pearls

Callebaut white chocolate pearls Shiny pearls of white chocolate with a delicious, biscuit, crunchy centre. Created by Callebaut for cake, ice cream and dessert decoration. Made from high quality Belgian chocolate.

Our Price £7.35more info

Callebaut dark chocolate shavings 2.5kg

Callebaut dark chocolate shavings 2.5kg High quality, dark chocolate shavings from Callebaut of Belgium. Created for use as chocolate decoration and making gourmet, hot drinking chocolate. These dark chocolate shavings are irregular in size and shape.

Our Price £12.95more info

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