My M&Ms for your Wedding ‘Say I do…

24 May 2013

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Torquato AG

20 May 2013

Torquato AG

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Send someone a gift no matter how far away you are.

14 May 2013

Recently we were on holiday in Canada and found out that our son had proposed to his girlfriend! We are delighted of course! So sitting in our hotel room I clicked on to Interflora’s website and within minutes had chosen a bouquet and champagne to send to them. It couldn’t have been easier. A few hours later, and over 3000 miles away, the happy couple had their flowers and fizz!!!

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Do something good today?

14 May 2013

I am ashamed to say that I had not given blood for sometime, but have recently started to donate again. I have no idea why I didn’t go before now, except that I would see the vans in our town centre and think I must get around to it and then of course forget! However, a friend was going to donate so I went along with her and now i am back on the Blood and Transplant system. Click here to see how you can become a blood donor. It really is easy and painless.

Today I have also joined the bone marrow register. It is something that is important to me. I have no experience personally of requiring a bone marrow donation other than in my nursing days. I still remember a couple of patients particularly who had leukaemia. A young boy called Gary who was 19. He walked ion to our ward looking fit and well. Sadly he did not walk off the ward, but died from the leukaemia he had been admitted with. The other patient, John, was an older, but only in his 40s. His attitude towards his leukaemia was to pretend it dudn’t exist. Sadly he too died.

More recently a friend’s daughter has had treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma and is doing brilliantly. She met the inspirational Alice Pyne whilst receiving her treatment. Alice wrote her bucket list and top of that list was to get everyone to donate bone marrow.

It’s so easy to join the register. If you’re in the UK you can join the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register here. You need to be between 16 and 30. If, like me you’re older you can join the British Bone Marrow Registry here.

Go on; do something good today.


1 May 2013


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