I knew I was doing c25k for a reason

13 June 2011

As you know I started the Couch to 5 km programme and had managed to get to week 9. Well, last Monday my lovely friend Sarah rang and asked if I was able to run with her at Tatton Park in the Race for Life as her running buddy had unfortunately had to drop out. Despite the massive 6 days notice (!) I immediately said yes.

I had done all my running on my old treadmill so thought I should try a ‘proper’ outside run, so off I went with my son for a practice. I’d worked out that 5k was about 3 times around the park where we often dog walk, so off we went. I managed to run for just over 1k and for a total of 10 minutes before I had to give up. I couldn’t breath! I did of course talk non stop (yes, for a change!) for the first few minutes. I then realised I needed to concentrate on my breathing in order to be able to run! My lovely son simply said I was doomed! On our return home my other son agreed. Both suggested I should tell Sarah I couldn’t do it. Well, this wasn’t going to happen! Firstly I had agreed to run with Sarah and I was not going to let her down and secondly I was not going to give up. This was not going to get the better of me!

I ached somewhat after that run, but continued to run on my treadmill over the next couple of days. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get out to do another run before the real race. So yesterday Sarah and I accompanied by her mum, husband and one of her sons headed to Tatton Park. It was ideal weather for me as I don’t like to run if it’s too hot. I had asked for it to be cooler and whoever controls such things also sent me rain; lots of it! It really was a very wet day indeed.

My focus was for those who have had cancer, those who have had or are currently having treatment and reminded myself that whatever I was going to feel it wasn’t anything in comparison to them. So I did it. I got around the course with a good bit of walking, but also more running than I have ever done before and was proud to hold Sarah’s hand as we crossed the finish line on a day that is very important and special to her.

Because I didn’t have a great deal of notice I ran without asking for donations, but inspired by the amazing Alice Pyne I have asked everyone to sign up to donate bone marrow. It is the top of Alice’s bucket list. So again I will tell you how you can do this. Go to the Anthony Nolan website here and register today. Alternatively if you donate blood and are between 18 and 49 (not 40) you can join the register when you next give blood. Look here for more information.

I am now preparing to run next year and I will run every last step.

Find out more about Race for Life here or donate directly to Cancer Research here. Why not visit their shop too.


Alice Pyne, an amazing inspiration to us all …

8 June 2011

Yesterday I was merrily looking on my Facebook and saw a friend had posted a link to her daughter’s friend’s blog. I can not describe the impact this had on me. Instead I would ask you to read her blog for yourself and if you are in a position to help in any way then do so.

Alice Pyne is a 15 year old girl with terminal cancer whose bravery is more than amazing. Read Alice’s blog here. If you are intersted in donation bone marrow you can join the register here at the Anthony Nolan Trust.

My friend’s daughter, incidentally, is one of the lucky one’s; her recent scans have all been clear.

Thank you for reading and please keep Alice in your thoughts and prayers x