C25K update

13 May 2011

I am sitting here after running for 25 minutes! I’m on Week 7 run 2 and can hardly believe it myself! It’s a challenge each run, but never too much that it has made me feel I can’t do each run.

Why have I not updated? Well, we had a technical issue with our servers, which meant that my poor husband’s bank holiday weekend was spent trying to solve the problem and so my websites, as well as his customers, were affected. Of course he fixed the customers first, so this site was down for a while. Secondly I had a sore back the same weekend coincidentally. I had felt a small twinge a few weeks before which gradually got worse, but was helped by running enormously. However, I woke on the Sunday to find I could not move. I was in agony and none of the over the counter painkillers were helping. I agreed at this point I’d go to see the doctor after the bank holiday, but meanwhile a friend gave me a heat pad, which gave some relief so I continued applying heat with my wheat bag. Of course by Tuesday when I saw the doctor I was much better. I had to miss my Monday run, but she said it was OK to carry on running if I felt able. I was back on the treadmill the next day! My back is now totally OK and as I said I’m running for 25 minutes.

I am still loving each run. I love how energised it makes me feel afterwards too. On another positive note people are noticing the change ion my figure and the weight I am losing, so all in all everything is just fantastic!