Fish pedicure?

21 April 2011

Today I experienced for myself a fish pedicure and it was fantastic! Friends had looked at me in horror, one had not ever heard of these little fish, so I had to be big and brave and go alone!

I visited here where they have just added the garra rufa fish pedicure spa. The beautician said they have never been busier! Great news to hear in the current climate isn’t it? She said a couple of people had been hesitant at trying the treatment, but after a couple of minutes were loving it.

I had no reservations about plunging my feet in to the spa / fish tank. I was fascinated by the little fish. After a quick foot bath to remove and dirt, creams etc I lowered my feet in. The fish were like magnets! They were straight to work on my feet! The sensation is hard to describe. A very mild tickle I suppose is the best comparison. It was not at all uncomfortable, but was almost relaxing with the sound of the swishing water in the spa.

Afterwards my feet felt beautifully soft. I will be going back. In fact I can’t wait. It was 30 minutes relaxation with silky feet thrown in as a bonus! So if you’re thinking of trying it I can recommend Beauty Within in Elworth. Go on, give them a call!

C25K week two …

4 April 2011

After a rather prolonged week one ( I ran 5 times instead of 3 just so I could run during the week) I am now on week two. This morning was my first run and I have to say it was just as ‘easy’ as last week’s runs. That is not to say that it wasn’t difficult, but it just pushes you that little bit more, which is exactly what I need.

At the end of the run, which is 9 minutes of walking and 20 of walking, I honestly felt that I could go on and run some more. It’s a fantastic feeling. Sadly the scales don’t seem to have moved at all this week, but I have lost inches, which is what really counts. The running is most certainly helping. So come on and give it a go!

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