C25K week one run 2 …

25 March 2011

Just completed my second run. I was dreading doing it to be honest, so decided I needed to eat breakfast and run as soon after as I could. I needn’t have worried that I’d find it too much again. I think knowing how hard it would be helped. On paper it looks easy I suppose, but the reality when you’re as unfit as me is that it is tough.

Run 1 had me wanting to give up during the warm up! Today I think I may have paced myself a bit better and remembered my water! I feel fantastic for having achieved the run, but am giving myself the weekend off and start on Monday and repeat run 1 just to make my running days Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the weekend to rest … as it should be!

So if you’re thinking of giving this a go, try it. You never know where you may end up!

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C25K day one …

23 March 2011

Well, I got off my bum after writing this and I did it. Day one of the C25K program. How was it? It was awful. There is no point in me saying it was a breeze and then expecting some other would-be-runner to give it a bash and find out the truth, think it’s not for them and give up. I will be honest.

It looks very easy on paper but it does get your heart pumping and I can only describe my look on finishing as beetroot. I set up the old treadmill with the TV on to watch Loose Women (I hoped it would distract me!) and used the app for the iPhone to tell me when to walk and when to run. A lovely voice came in simply to give me those instructions. I didn’t want any more information as I know from past experience I find this both annoying and not at all motivating. Some may feel differently.

So after the 5 minute warm up I felt a tad warm and thought I’d never make it, but I was determined to get through more than that. The minute run isn’t too strenuous. In fact it was manageable. It’s just my level of fitness is really rock bottom and I could easily have stopped after the first minute. I did have to pause at half way through as I foolishly hadn’t got water so nipped to get a drink and then resumed the workout. The last minute of running was definitely , for me, the hardest, I was feeling my legs ache a little, feeling very hot and a bit out of breath. There’s no way you would give up with seconds to go is there? The final 5 minute walk I actually did outside walking around the garden to help cool off.

Now I have completed day one and on Friday will attempt day 2. I know I can do it. I built up using this type of program some years ago and was running 30 minutes a day, so I will do it again. Hopefully the scales will giver me that extra motivation as I see my weight drop. So here’s to day 2!

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The ultimate guide to losing weight!

23 March 2011

Hanson Body Fat Analyser Since the beginning of the year I have been on a diet. I started using Food Focus to count calories and the weight started to drop by 2 – 3 lbs a week. Then according to the Wii Fit, my only way of weighing myself, I gained 6lbs in a week. I was mortified having eaten healthily and kept within my calories according to Food Focus. I realised this could not be right, so decided to go out and buy a set of proper bathroom scales; my first in probably 30 years! I was happy that they immediately lost the 6lbs and gave me a starting weight that I could use to measure my progress by.

By The end of February I seemed to be stuck. I have friends who have lost a lot of weight using Weight Watchers, so I decided to bite the bullet and pay to lose weight! I have used the Weight Watchers new Pro points system now for 3 weeks and whilst it’s very easy to use; I have the app on my phone to help me keep a record of what I eat too, but I’m still not losing weight apart from this last week when I lost Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board a whole pound.

So today I start exercising properly again. I’m back on the treadmill doing the Couch to 5K (C25K) plan. Of course I have procrastinated this morning. so find myself sat here writing this instead of getting on the damn thing. However, I am determined to do it. I spend too many hours at the computer (doing stuff like this!) and not enough time moving. So I am off. NOW! Day one of C25K. Wish me luck!



Grow your own herbs

10 March 2011

Outdoor Wooden Herb Trough by Marks and SpencerThere’s nothing better than fresh herbs in your cooking so why not grow your own. You don’t need green fingers either it’s that simple.

Plan your herb plot – Decide which herbs you want to grow most and which herbs will flourish in your growing environment.
Decide on your herb garden design. Many people plant their herbs close to their kitchen, for easy access when cooking up some home grown dishes. Herbs will grow well in pots and containers on windowsills and in garden beds.
Prepare your soil – Herbs prefer rich, fertile soil but can grow successfully in a wide variety of soil.
Plant your herbs – Herbs will flourish best in the sunniest, most sheltered part of your garden.Chinese Parsley Coriander Seeds by Johnson's Seeds from Plant Me Now
Harvest your herbs at the correct time and add them to your culinary dishes for a fantastic home grown taste!

Jersey Plants Direct have a great starter for you with their herb collection containing 12 herbs including sage, parsley, coriander and chives. Click here for more details or to buy. Delivery is FREE!

If you need more advice look here at their blog for all you need to know about when to sow and harvest what. Also look in our shop for more herbs to buy here. Get 7% off orders at Blooming Direct with the code SPRING7 until 30th April.

It’s Pancake Day …

8 March 2011

John Lewis Pancake Pan“Mum, when’s Pancake Day?”. It’s today, 8th March. Pancakes for tea it is then! Pancake Day is of course on Shrove Tuesday, but became known as Pancake Day as pancakes are traditionally eaten on this day. The reason? Well, Shrove Tuesday precedes Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of lent when 40 days of fasting would begin with only plain food being eaten. Ingredients such as eggs, milk and flour would be used up prior to this and so pancakes would be made to use these perishable items. Of course times have changed, but the tradition of making pancakes lives on. Nowadays, it is more common to give up something such as chocolate for lent rather than fast for the 40 days. Read more