My nan’s dementia and me

19 March 2009

It seems pretty clear, despite our heads being in the sand, that my 86 year old nan has dementia.

Looking back I can see that from our weekly shopping trips it was obvious. She could never remember exactly what she wanted, I had to prompt her to which aisle in the supermarket she normally walked down and the conversation was fairly predictable; ‘There’s a lot of red cars on the road. Is that because they are cheaper?’, ‘How’s Jim? Does he have work brought in to him?’, ‘How are the boys? Are they both at the ‘big’ school now?’ etc

Wear a flower for Maggie

19 March 2009

This is a truly sad, but heart warming story.

Last October Maggie Somers was sadly stillborn.  I don’t know her parents as such, but post on the same internet parenting forum as Maggie’s mummy. I wasn’t posting when Maggie died, but I do know that many of the members from all around the world wore a flower on the day of Maggie’s funeral.

No one can know the pain of losing a child, unless of course, you yourself have experienced it. I, thankfully, have not, but I have seen the support offered to Maggie’s mummy and her family during this dreadful experience from ‘strangers’ often known only by user-names on a pc screen. Nonetheless it has been touching and heartwarming to see.

Now, Maggie’s mummy is trying to raise funds for a new birthing pool at the hospital where Maggie and her brother and sister were born. Hopefully something good can come from such a sad situation.

You can donate here at Just Giving – Maggie’s Flowers. Thank you.